Beautiful Belize – Conscious Shift at the Cotton Tree Lodge

Why is it that the places that we perceive have the least, always seem so much more fulfilled than the average Westerner? As I left Belize & it’s wonderful people behind, my perception on what’s important changed yet again for the better. That’s the beauty of being fortunate enough to travel. Exposure to elements that make us reconsider what is truly valuable in life. I’m fortunate enough to have seen the glam of Monaco, Nice et al & the remote communities of the Caribbean & Asia. It’s obvious which areas have an abundance of connection, & it’s obvious that those areas are the ones for me!

Whether it be the continuous build up of material goods we acquire through lavish consumerism, or the aspiration of being “rich”, we strive for the inevitable acquisition in monetary wealth. Rich & wealth have so many different meanings to me now. The rich & wealthy aren’t the ones with Ferrari’s & 3 story mansions. The rich & wealthy are the ones that are brimming with experience, stories & a love & compassion for the community around them.

I’ve come back with a fresh perspective on what’s important. Conscious, community & love are what will drive us forward as a collective. I’m getting my hippy on, but I truly believe this is what’s important. We’ve moved so far forward as a species, that we need to take a step back, understand what made the human race so unique in the first place, & build connection with the people around us. Go for a walk, make eye contact, put your phone down! There is so much to be appreciative for, yet we’re trapped in the bubble.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experience in Belize, at the beautiful Cotton Tree Lodge near Punta Gorda. The people, the food, the environment was everything I hope for & more. I am grateful for their hospitality, their kind nature & their genuine care for the people & the land. Being away from the world, with the community that was handed to you at the time, was spectacular, & created connection that we don’t get in our trapping day to day. I will be sharing my time in South Belize: the exquisite farm-to-table food; the enlightening excursions; the charming communities & the HOLY SHIT HOTEL!

My purpose is to explore new cultures & build fun loving relationships so that we can create positive change. I’m endeavouring to do that. The launch of my eco-clothing business has just happened! Everything is environmentally friendly, & inspired by consciousness & community. We will also incorporate a giveback to those that are less fortunate than us, which has yet to be decided. I thank Belize, South East Asia, & the people that have taught me the most important lessons for helping me achieve this goal. Let’s be the generation that saves the world!

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