Belizean Giveback

It’s been a while since i left Belize yet the memories of the warm spirits and gifting community still resonates with me to this day. Wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful character. So when the Cotton Tree Lodge forgot to give back my deposit on my departure and I brought it up back in Vancouver (it was an honest mistake, FYI), I had my initial hotel deposit sat in a digital pool somewhere.

The local community, I think was about 400 people, who had the bare minimum, which on reflection, is quite a lot. The money gifted to them was able to get the school children extra educational supplies, and hopefully a few happy faces, unlike the picture 🙂

My big lesson here is that we bitch and moan about our finances so often, but when it’s not there to manipulate, to control, is it really that important? Is it missed as much as we think it would be? There are so many more people that need 50 bucks more than me, and gifting gives a better appreciation of human nature, and brings us al closer together. Give back, give good, my friends!

Thank you to The Cotton Tree Lodge for supporting their local community!

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