Union Square Hilton – San Francisco

4* luxury engulfs the concrete metropolis of San Francisco. In what is an area that certainly has it’s affluence, San Fran needs locations where visitors or businessmen alike can take a step back from the fast-paced reality we live in and enjoy the matrix of luxury right in the heart of the city.

An unfortunate mix up with our booking saw us relocate from the Hilton’s sister hotel, Parc 55, around the corner and enter the Hilton through the car park. Not as luxurious as we’d of hoped but as soon as we arrived in the foundations of the building, the wide corridors and opulent fittings made us feel a sense of comfort that was lacking from our camper-van forty-eight hours earlier. The check in desk is nestled around cafés and bars with an array of different eating and drinking choices on the menu, open to accommodate most dietary needs.

We were directed to our room on the 42nd floor and were astonished to what we walked into. Maybe we’re easily impressed having been budget travellers throughout our relationship….. Or maybe the marble finished bathroom and Egyptian cottoned double bed with extensive views of the Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge were actually remarkable and epitomised the palatial standards the Hilton imposed in San Fran’s city centre.



19510660_10212030945276159_776551920383946341_nThe lighting creates a subtle setting and great weekend-break ambience and this was further enhanced by the welcome park upon our arrival, including a much needed bottle of vino. A personalised message from the hotel promoted that personal touch which is so often lacking from multi-national enterprises and made us feel most welcome.

It wasn’t till the morning that the Hilton really came alive, via that all American style breakfast. Waiters serving coffee, a variance of eggs and a buffet fit for a King, it had all you need to fully explore the San Franciscan city scape. Circling clockwise, the bar had ample bakery and sweets, consisting of smoothies, muffins and pastries before panning round to the toast and salad bar. Our particular highlight was the abundance of toppings to add to your quinoa and oats. Approximately fifteen glistened under the lights with the coconut shavings and blueberries being complimented effortlessly by the dark chocolate drops. Salivating is starting now! Moving further round were the meats and eggs, the french toast or buttermilk pancakes and then Asian station. If that wasn’t enough, finally we came to fresh fruit and yoghurts. Enough to make you burst at the seems you say? Well why not throw in two eggs in any style, hand delivered to your table by one of the waiting staff. All this for $40, it was enough to moisten anybody’s appetite!

26981669_10159963754495094_620994390_o27016776_10159963754835094_395725486_o (1)

Rolling out of the Hilton and spending the day in San Francisco is a phenomenal experience. It’s not until your return to the room that you appreciate the comfort of such a homely room, albeit with that hotel feel. Everything has been cleaned and tidied and speaking with the staff, there’s an extremely amiable personality that resides with them all. The mood transcended to us and aided us have a fantastic night at the CityScape bar, located on the top floor of the Hilton.

If you think the view from the room is exceptional, just wait until peering out over the panoramic landscape the CityScape bar provides. Walking out of the lift gives an unassuming feel until you branch through the corridor and see the skyline peering behind well groomed bartenders shaking up whatever you’d like. The espresso martini’s were rather spectacular, alongside there menu items and entrées. A simple garden plate of various dips and raw veg was steep, yet the presentation and simplistic taste was a real treat.

Healthy food with a view!

When unwinding, exploiting the amenities on offer is a must. The gym is more than substantial to work off the breakfast, providing facilities for all type of training. It’s no wonder locals utilise these facilities. On top of that, there’s an outdoor pool which Spring holiday goers may avoid due to the surprisingly low temperatures and plenty of business facilities, if you’re unfortunately away not on leisure.

The website doesn’t brandish a lavish, exuberant hotel and the theme is prevalent throughout the hotel. It’s classy, has everything you need and expect from the Hilton without being in your face. An excellent choice for a relaxing stay in a city that never stops hustling and bustling.

Find out more about the Hilton by visiting their website

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