Iceland Day 6 – Westfjörds Road Trip

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Road trip? On a week long adventure when all we’ve done is drive? Well that’s what it certainly felt like, spanning at least 500km in a day with minimal stoppages. Honestly, was it worth it.. We would be extremely tempted to say no but yet we didn’t fully take in the Westfjörds rugged landscapes, nor did we spend the required time to savour it’s volcanic appeal. Nevertheless, this short post will depict our adventures on our never ending road trip through to Dynjandi.


On our 6th day, we woke up feeling like bandits, arising from the side of the road before hastily driving off to the west. Today wasn’t too jam packed with activity and the playlist had been abused so much that we were starting to hate songs such as “Wham! I’m your man”.. how is that possible?! We started our day right with a stop off at Hofsos Infinity pool. For 900kr you can use the facilities all day and whilst emerging from the changing rooms starts chilly, the heated water with the towering mountainous landscape makes that short lived. A few failed attempts at backflips, people confused that we actually did lengths and not take photos and raiding the free coffee machine, we headed to the Westfjörds.


Great spot for a dip!
Great views atop the fjords!
Pig was gutted she had a picture of her falling!

Fast forward 6-7 hours, a load of scenery that didn’t actually blow our mind away and frustration starting to boil over with the dirt roads, we managed to make it to Dynjandi. Dynjandi translates to thunderous, which once you visit is easy to understand why it’s been called this! The water powerfully trickled down the mountain face, with the walk up to the view point providing plenty of photo opportunities. Known as the Jewel of the Westfjörds, this 99m waterfall overlooks another six waterfalls on the way up, listed below:

  • Hæstahjallafoss
  • Strompgljúfrafoss (Strompur)
  • Göngumannafoss
  • HrísvaðsfossKvíslarfoss (opposite each other)
  • Hundafoss
  • Bæjarfoss (Sjóarfoss).

Dynjandi is located within the 30km long Arnarfjörður fjord, the largest in the Westfjörds. There’s a vast array of wildlife here, predominantly birds, although we were lucky enough to see an arctic fox trotting along through the shrubbery. We learned that the Arnarfjörður fjord is the primary sea monster fjord, so watch yourselves if you fancy an arctic dip!

We ended up camping here as if you’re hiking, you’re permitted to a one night free stay. We obviously utilised this! We had dinner and took a walk around the fjord in the evening, where I had a catastrophic failed long jump attempt and ended waist deep in a buttercup swamp! It turned out to be a very, very, VERY cold walk!

Our next day will be a lot more exciting, with trips to hot springs, nature reserves, a witchcraft museum plus more!

One of many smaller waterfalls


Views of the fjord
Chillin’ with the boys
One huge waterfall, one tiny pig!


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