Melbourne Memoirs

Hazily stumbling into a city centre at 6AM after a 24 hour flight was always going to give an unjust impression. Greeted by a homeless man in the Southern Cross Station, I had early reservations about my home for the next few days. Oh how my opinion changed by the end of the day. A city that has not only stole my affection but countless others before me.

Staying in the luxurious Langham on the Southbank, I revelled in the splendour of 5* accommodation, which has its advantages to a twelve bed mixed dorm! More to come on this fantastic hotel, although you can find information on the hotel here.


Melbourne has been voted the most liveable city globally for the last six years. It will certainly take some beating. Everything is geared up for an easier, relaxed way of life where social externalities are prioritised to make the community thrive in a bustling environment. The food, the people, the sounds, the atmosphere, the drinks, the list goes on.


Looks good right? Wait for the reviews!

It would be hard to justify this city in a singular post, there’s so much to discuss! So far, for me, it’s incomparable to any other city globally. I would urge anyone to visit Melbourne and brave the lengthy journey, which isn’t too bad & revel in the urban beauty it holds.

There are plenty of options for a few days in Melbourne. Take a leisurely cycle to St Kilda beaches, roam the magnificence of the Botanical Gardens or visit some of their grand museums, there is a piece of pie for everyone. Time permitting, it’s just lovely to roam the narrow side streets and unearth hidden gems, probably rustling up some of the best coffee the Southern hemisphere has to offer.



The quirky, edgy nature of Melbourne is ever present, a quintessential feature to what this modern city has become accustomed to. That’s surely what makes it so great? The freedom and expression of so many different cultures in one pocket of flat, Australian land. This city embraces differences, embraces character and as such, manufactures one of the friendliest and warmest communities worldwide.

Thanks Melbourne, we will be back.

6 thoughts on “Melbourne Memoirs

  1. Melbourne looks like a fantastic time. I can definitely see what you are saying about how there is a piece of the pie for everyone.


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