Etihad: Manchester – Melbourne. Is this the long haul carrier for you?

Having embarked on a treacherous sounding 24 hour journey, I was full of anticipation and, primarily, hoped that Etihad delivered a fantastic service that made sitting on my inactive ass a pleasure! I’ll cover what you need to know, a few little tips that may help your journey plus more.


Check in

Check in can set the mood off right. A casual bit of bantering with the attendant, if they’re game, can result in a favourable seat being obtained. If you’ve not checked in and paid for your seat, I’d highly recommend asking for seats near fire exits on long flights, or on a row to yourself, if the carrier isn’t too full. The classic “have you got anything in first class *winky face*” rarely works but I’d never deter trying it!

Prior to boarding

Dependent on your financial priorities, duty free is a great place to stock up on rare alcohols and perfumes, although I feel that the majority of the other stuff isn’t hugely discounted, unless you’re getting into mega bucks.

My priority has and always will be, FOOD. Yep, can’t beat a little Boots meal deal, which doesn’t have a huge mark up to the high street. They’re good quality too.

I’d definitely buy the biggest bottle you can get to take on the plane. As long as it’s empty when you embark, the stewardesses or stewards will happily refill it on the plane.

So far, I’ve had absolutely zero problems with Etihad and the processing has been efficient and prompt.

Pro’s of the flight

I have to admit, I’ve been extremely impressed with the U.A.E’s primary flight service. Here’s why:

  • Great selection of film. As of writing this, there were recent blockblusters such as LaLaLand, Hacksaw Ridge & Manchester by the Sea, to name a few. It’s an extensive plethora of quality.
  • The staff are extremely friendly whom appear to have an extremely diverse cultural background. I don’t think I spoke to an attendant from the same country! Made for interesting conversation.
  • After being on a few RyanAir flights recently, it was nice to have the underrated phenomenon of leg room back. I could stretch out, relax and even got a good nights sleep (albeit, I had 3 seats to myself 😉 ).
  • If a problem does occur, like we did with somebody and their baggage, the staff keep everyone informed so you aren’t sat pondering “what the hell going on!?”
  • The food isn’t the worst aeroplane food in the world! The desserts left a lot to be desired but the mains had every macronutrient going and didn’t taste overly processed. I had a turkey sandwich, lamb curry and a Chengdu chicken dish as my proper meals but they bring snacks at regular intervals to fight off the hunger!
  • They provide all sleeping apparatus (blanket, earplugs, eye mask, socks & toothbrush/paste)
  • Toilets were particularly clean
Beauty views at sunset

Cons of the flight

  • Wifi doesn’t come cheap. $11.50 for 2 hours is robbery but presumably the going rate.
  • Cross contamination can happen in the food! I would know, my nut allergy flared up big time. It’s unfortunate but the way the staff handled it was superb and I was particularly grateful to them.
  • The outrageous amount of plastic they go through! Seriously guys, come on. At least they recycle their paper!
Go nuts!

Tips for the journey

  • Big water bottle. Ask for it to be filled. Simples.
  • Don’t be afraid to call an attendant over. They’re extremely helpful.
  • Stretch whenever you get up. Nothing worse than getting off a flight with stiff leg syndrome!
  • If it’s a quiet flight, once the flight starts, see if there is a row of seats available if you’re tired!
  • For fitness fanatics – use the airport as a gym. Go down the escalators and do L-sits / leg raises / dips. Calf raise up the stairs. Anything to keep that fitness desire hungry!
  • Bring enough stuff to keep you entertained
  • Chat away, meet people!

It’s pretty obvious that I enjoyed my trip with Etihad. As a solo traveller covering such a colossal distance, I had my reservations. It was a smooth, well managed flight that went much more swiftly than I originally envisaged. It’s got me excited for my first time to Australia, looking forward to telling you about it WordPress Fam!

Etihad gets a big thumbs up from the Pig Globetrotters!

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