Travel Plans from April Onwards

I feel extremely fortunate over the next couple of months as I’m embarking on an unbelievable adventure which will cause envy throughout my WordPress world. After just getting back from “working” in the Alps, I’m fortunate to have another few things in the pipeline prior to arriving in Canada, where we are emigrating for the foreseeable. I apologise in advance, Canada!

Here’s what the plan is:

  • 19th April – 5th May … AUS – BLOODY – STRALIA!
  • 10th – 12th May … The king returns to his stomping ground, NICE!
  • 16th May – It’s only my birthday, all gifts are welcome!
  • 17th – 25th May …. Campervan time around ICELAND!
  • 25 – 30th May …. SAN FRAN man…
  • 30th May – who the hell knows …. ALASKA!
  • Then finally getting to CANADA

I’m truly in an incredibly fortunate position to continue doing what I enjoy. Follow our journey on our social media channels (IG & Facebook), where we will put them to much better use than we are now, as sitting in an office in the heart of Yorkshire is hardly something to tell a story about!

For any of our followers, have you got any tips on these places?

Any recommendations for off the beaten track?

Anybody want to work with us?

Holla at us!

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15 thoughts on “Travel Plans from April Onwards

  1. First of all guys, thanks for following my blog posts . I really appreciate it . Also , it sounds touristy , but in San Francisco , take a cable car. The locals do it every day so why not tourists ? Where are you going in Canada ? Happy travels and be safe . Keep on blogging and keeping us up to date with your travels .


    1. Thanks SD – we’re really looking forward to it! Thanks for the info, it’s definitely something we’re looking at doing, we love embracing all local culture so this will be no different. We are planning on staying in Vancouver and travelling around whenever we get chance, although we’re unsure when that will be! Any tips for Canada? Thanks for following our blog too 🙂


  2. Wow. Your opportunity for travel sounds great. The best of luck in all of your travels.

    Thanks for liking my posts on our trip to Italy in 2014. I’ve been working on those for a few days and finally posted them all this evening.


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