Comptoir Libanais – C’est bon, Lebanon!

Been a while since I’ve done one of these but I love food and as it was quite quiet, I want to try and gain some traffic towards this place. It’s not as if it’s subtly hidden away, it’s nestled right alongside the Everyman cinema in Leeds Trinity. Comptoir Libanais was exactly what we needed on a brisk Monday lunchtime in the North of England.

It’s hard to tell from the exterior but the interior really does dazzle. Brush aside the fact there is a very American cinema right next to it, there is a very Eastern aura circulating. It’s like you’ve been transported to a souk, without the fast paced, hectic vibe you’d expect from a market like that.

The decor is colourful, the Bhangra tunes make you want to shake your hips and the staff are as welcoming as you’d hope. I was really surprised that there weren’t more people there, so was the food poor?

Definitely not. Although I’d argue that it’s not the best Lebanese food I’ve had, it was still well prepared and full of flavour. They boast that they are in the top 10 healthy restaurants in the country, a great accomplishment to have and you can tell. There is no sluggish, bloated feeling after gauging on a bowl of pasta or those sweats you might get after a “cheeky” Nandos. You feel refreshed and ready to attack the day, which is a really welcome boost on a weekday lunchtime!

The lunch menu comprised of 3 options each for mains and starters, which for an indecisive human like myself, was absolutely ideal, especially seeing as though one was hummus.

Starters – Hummus, falafel, wings

Mains – Chicken & feta salad with various other goodness, aubergine tagine with couscous / vermicelli rice, Lebanese wrap

There’s also the option to get a dessert but we opted for a beautiful coffee and peppermint green tea.

The full menu can be found here

Food Quality –  Frustratingly, being the photo-phobe that I am, I forgot to save the pictures of the main, which were presented in lovely pottery ramekins and tasted fantastic. We came away feeling light with no stodge and could’ve easily squeezed in a pud. Nevertheless, for a simplistic light lunch, this place is great. The wraps to the side of us didn’t look too bad either.

The starters in my opinion weren’t as good. I’ve had creamier and more generous portions of hummus, which was always going to be how I judge this place, as I LUUURVE hummus! It was still really nice and fresh but I’m a tahini addict and I wanted to feel that soak through. The falafel was delightfully crisp but didn’t accentuate huge amounts of flavour.

Nevertheless, we were still really impressed after toying around 3 different restaurant menus before sitting in this Eastern treasure (damn our indecision)!



We were big fans of the mismatch chairs!
Can get yourself a bucket!
Anywhere that serves hummus is a winner
One hell of a strong espresso!


Value – ££ As is anything these days, it’s not a £3 boots meal deal but a tenner for two courses is hardly anything to put your wallet back in your pocket for, especially as it’s such a different experience to what we’re normally accustomed to.

Staff – Extremely friendly, did what they needed to do. Did enough for us to write in the book at the end saying how much we enjoyed our experience!

Would we go back? Damn straight we would!


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