Best Job On The Planet?

That is the bold headline spouting from ThirdHome this month and it’s little surprise why. They’re offering one lucky person the chance to travel the world in luxury accommodation and get paid for the privilege. 3 months work in 12 of their million dollar pads, think you’re up to it?!

What do you need to do?

Get an email sent over to them before the 30th March with a one minute video attached explaining why you are the best candidate for the job. Unfortunately, I’m going to apply so your chances are minimal…! 😉


Can you read and write in English? Pretty much got the job then! Communication skills are clearly important along with a track record of blogging, telling a great story and promoting their brand. Also, experience of travel and living in luxury is desired!

Lets be honest though, if you can’t promote their brand whilst being paid to travel the world in luxury, you’re seriously in the wrong line of work!


Here’s a link to their website, and facebook page, which gives you all the information in full.

Good luck!

image 2
Just one of their many options
& here’s another…


12 thoughts on “Best Job On The Planet?

  1. Wow, definitely sounds like it. So that kind of perfect job exists…
    🙂 I love how travelling gives you opportunities. Great to run into this and to your blog as well!
    Good luck! I seriously would die for it, but having just started, maybe in a few 🙂


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