Get Paid to Ski? Try this…!

In an ideal world, travellers globally would get paid outrageous sums of money just for being all round great people. Unfortunately, this isn’t the world we live in and there are few jobs out there that get you to the gems of our planet whilst earning some cash.

There are plenty of options out there, many of which are well documented. Teaching English abroad, cruise ships, cabin crew or travel blogger are great options, yet the one I’ve recently stumbled upon is peak season ski repping.

For adventure enthusiasts, or people in full time employment, this is the one. There’s huge availability for it from any of the prominent ski holiday companies, with Equity and PGL being good examples within the UK. You also don’t need to be amazing at skiing to fulfil this opportunity!

My trip consisted of taking an extremely well behaved school, which I’m extremely grateful for, from Leeds to Les Deux Alpes. Fortunately, I got a set of teachers that were clearly veterans in the “school ski trip” department and I was predominantly there to be a face of a company. It wasn’t all glamour though. Aside from the five hours of boarding per day and the relaxing and drinking in the hotel bar at night, there were some tasks that required my attention. These were just a few:

  • Ski fit
  • Ensure all children met their ski instructors on time
  • Make sure everything was ok with their rooms
  • Sort out evening entertainment and host it. Work? What work!
  • Be a point of call for anything ski related or in-house

Of course there were more, such as travelling with the school and giving them a brief of their week on the bus, yet it seemed a distant cry to the generic meaning of “work”.

Check out some of my pics from the resort!


The views weren’t half bad…


Breakfast wasn’t half bad either!
Office Views
Trying to look cool and composed….




15 thoughts on “Get Paid to Ski? Try this…!

    1. Hey dude! Yeah of course, so long as you can make drinks (bar work) or clean and serve (hotel work), you’re all good! Sure if you just went into a resort too and handed out CV’s you’d find something, although a bit riskier. Best way to learn skiing is through this I’d say!


  1. Awesome views! We have tons of friends that are ski instructors out in Colorado in the US. They love it! they get to ski for free at a number of resorts in Colorado and they’re on the mountain all day every day. The pay isn’t the best, but the experience and being able to do what you want do to is immeasurable.


      1. I for one cannot ski at all, and my snowboarding skills are subpar as well. But we’re thinking of doing a ski season in Colorado anyways! We’ll see how I do. I might need a concierge job first to get my snow legs. 🙂


      2. I worked in a hotel last year and was on the mountain every day. At first I tumbled down but by the end, I was backflipping! It’s the best way to learn & the communities are so amazingly friendly in resort, I would highly recommend it


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