Crosby Photography

As we are jetting off on our travels, I thought it would be wise to get a DSLR camera to get the best pictures possible around the globe. Today we went out near where pig lives and took some snaps, to get a feel for the new toy.

This is the west coast of England, a walk from Hightown to Crosby to see the Iron Men. Unfortunately, Robert Downey Jr wasn’t there but we had a lovely walk there nevertheless!


Found her new fella
Clearly impressed with something

13 thoughts on “Crosby Photography

  1. I learned several things, in addition to approximately where you are in England. The artist who did the sculptures, Antony Gormley, reportedly modeled them after … himself. As you suggest, no sense making a likeness that’s not, um, complimentary. Thanks. Good luck with the new camera.
    FYI, I passed through Liverpool, but decades before you were born, John Lennon was still performing with The Beatles and they hadn’t named the airport after him yet.


    1. Hi Brad, hope you’re good my friend. Antony definitely had the right idea! I’m still struggling with it to be honest, so if you have any tips that would be greatly appreciated.
      Quite a while ago then, I suspect Liverpool is a hell of a lot different now. Lovely city if you get the chance to go again

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      1. I will reveal to you the secret of all photography, my friend. I learned it from many years of working with world class photographers and cinematographers: LOOK AT THE PICTURE YOU’RE MAKING. Yes, there are f-stops and depth of field and a thousand technical details. First, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PICTURE. (I put these things in caps because cantankerous old camera guys were yelling at me.) Composition, light, height of the camera, trying a different angle … those are things you see with your eyes; the camera doesn’t see them until you do. That’s what I learned. You’re not working a camera, you’re making a picture. Everything else is a skill you’ll practice and master. Have fun! Make pictures!


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