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So after having a browse on the tinterweb, I can’t seem to find a community where people pre arrange to go do a trip, short or long, together. If you match with a certain person on a certain date, you can happily reject them, or accept them as you please. Tinder travel if you like, without the cheesy chat up lines or more than revealing photos.

Whereas a dating app is geared primarily towards aesthetics and a snappy line to have an instant effect, this would aim to peoples interests and what they’d want to do during their stay. It could be something specific, such as morning hike Mt Merapi in Jogjakarta or it could be something a lot more vague such as museums in Seattle. The description of what they want to do and the dates they’re in a set location would determine this.

It could also be in effect for people already staying in a hostel who could rendezvous with others that they already know are arriving at the hostel. It could alternatively used for a big group meal in the evening to discuss stories past and present!

Do people think this is a good idea and serve benefit to those who want to connect with other like minded travellers? Or if it’s already been done? Let me know!



5 thoughts on “Adventure Trip Community

  1. Sorry 😬…lol! However! We can try to make it popular, because although the reviews are good, they say there aren’t many people on it. Can Backpackr get a shout out? 😁

    I’m planning on going wherever the wind takes me. I’m starting in Lisbon, Portugal. Any tips?


    1. I’d like it to become popular definitely! I’ll write something up when I get a chance. Portugal is somewhere I’ve never been except for when I was a toddler! All I know is it’s really cheap beer and really cool architecture. You’ll have to let me know how it is! 🙂

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