Gorge(ou)s Du Verdon –

I know the title for this post is hardly creative, due to the sheer display of pulchritude the gorges possess but I couldn’t resist. This post is long overdue and there is so much to write about the place, all the little towns surrounding Lac De St Croix and the gorge are immeasurably impeccable and each deserve a write up of themselves but a summary will suffice. There’s also an incredible amount of photos I got so they’ll need to be condensed too but I made a short little GoPro vid of the time we had there. Enjoy, Spielberg-esque

The Gorges are inaccessible by public transport which is the only snag but once you rent out a bad boy mint green fiat 500, nicknamed Airwaves, then there really isn’t any problem! The journey is half motorway, half mountainous road which balances itself out as a pretty decent voyage. We stayed in the town of Bauduen, at Camping Le Clos de Barbey, which was a 5 minute drive from the base of the lake, at the exact other end of the Gorge. Irrespectively, the lake is beautiful and wherever you locate yourself, it’s ideal. We got recommended this place and I would continue the recommendation. It’s quiet, close to what you need and got an absolutely banging restaurant on site which serves one MEAN pizza.

Anywhoo, back to our tale. We got there at about 3 after a mishap at the airport renting the car and a lunch break to get supplies and eat, oh, and to see a woman excrete at the side of a car park. Classy bird, probably a Wakey lass. We got to our campervan which was adequately spaced for us and drove around the proximity of the lake, visiting the numerous towns that perched around and above the water. The towns we ticked off were Sainte-Croix-De-Verdon (they love a hyphen around here), Les Salles-Sur-Verdon, the little town next to Bauduen and Moustiers St Marie. Moustiers is the sexy sister perched high up in the hills, sitting pretty overlooking the other villages that are swallowed in it’s beauty.

Sainte-Croix-De-Verdon is great. It’s petite and elegantly perched over the lake and it’s where we stopped off for a little dippy-poos whilst travelling around. We did babb ourselves though when the lightning was incoming and we were 100m from shore! The town hasn’t got much in it itself, other than essentials for being in this area. Hiking, water sports and FOOD. God bless the French’s baking artisan ability. It was amusing driving through these towns and everyone give such avid attention to our mint green supercar. Moustiers was next and like I said, I will give this it’s own section at some point as it really is a jewel of France, which is saying something as all the little mountain villages are gaaaawjus. Les Salles-Sur-Verdon is again, pretty and very much similar to Sainte-Croix-De-Verdon. It doesn’t have the same towering power but it still has it’s charm and has a couple of stops in there to get your supplies, including a small bakery that does BROWN bread. #browncarbs

We stayed in that night and got take away pizza and homemade chips from the restaurant and gauged on the €3 bottles of wine you can get, which are much nicer than the expensive stuff back home. Having a musician with us served of benefit too, as we all did karaoke along to his guitaring before hitting the hay, in preparation for a big day tomorrow.

Unfortunately we had the first day of rain that the Gorge had seen all summer through the night and this affected the quality of some of the water, as the clay had been washed into the gorge but this was just at the back end of our kayak session.

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