St Paul De Vence – Short, Sweet & Sexy

Well this blog post is long overdue! It’s also the second time that I’ve attempted to right the bugger as everywhere in Nice apparently has the flimsiest internet globally, just surpassing Mali. No matter, here we go again. I’m sure you can only imagine the impeccable wit that ensued in the first post so hopefully I can recreate such beauty this time around. I’m expecting this piece to be short and sweet, like our little venture out to St Paul De Vence (or SDVP as the boyz on da street call it) but it’s definitely worth showing our experience in pictures and words. Enjoy homies.

First and foremost, lets get the monotonous details out of the way. Taking the bus 400 outside the very famous McDonalds along the promenade is your starting point and the ever present €1.50 charge for whatever distance journey you take on the bus is still the price. The drive takes approximately one hour, dependent on the lack of driving morals your chauffeur has and ours had little, so we made it in around fifty minutes! The drive gets an amazing insight into the wide variety of scenery that beholds the south of France. Beautiful coastal roads merging into winding mountainous paths surrounded by vineyards is incomparable to many areas of the world. When we started coming up to SPDV, perched upon a hill, fiercely overlooks the other villages in the valley and stands imperious. It’s another gorgeous location down here. We arrived at SPDV at around 12:45 and basked in the end of summer sun.

We walked through the walls to SDPV and started our wander round the town. We didn’t really know what to expect but it’s paths and roads were very comparable to Eze, which is never a bad thing. I’d even argue that they were superior, with grapevines hanging from houses and local produce surrounding the shops. It was also apparent the abundance of art that was on show, how artistic this place prizes itself on. For someone that doesn’t understand or care for art, it really didn’t interest us at all! Continuing strolling around the walls, we realised how ridiculously small this village was but this added to it’s quaint aura. Once we’d done a whole round of the village, we went to the tourist info and asked what was the must do’s in SDVP. It follows:

  • The Grand Fountain – Ironically named, similar to the little drinking fountains that you get in many riviera towns or cities. We laughed at it for a while as we were in absolute shock that it even produced water, let alone was grand.
  • The Cemetery / Panoramic viewpoint – The cemetery has a famous artist’s grave in there and other than that, it’s a cemetery. The dead are here. Not particularly exciting…. The panoramic viewpoint however shows an amazing portrayal of Provence and the Cote D’Azur
  • The chapel and church – Again, very artistically based so didn’t fancy paying the admission fee. Or is it because we are excessively cheap? People that know me probably know the answer…!

And that was all done in one hour and fifteen minutes. Add lunch to that if you fancy and you can tick this hotspot off in two hours. My recommendation for anyone is that it is a beautiful place and 100% worth a visit, even if it is so short. It’s most desirable for people with an interest in art but if you want to make a full day of it, the surrounding areas look wonderful for a hike and I’m sure that there are plenty of vineyards around for the boozy buggers of this world!

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