E-ze, E-ze like Monday Morning

1 week in and we’ve finally had our first day off together! It’s been hectic so what better way to unwind than go to the beach? Well, that would be what normal couples would do, we opted for an hour hike up to the Medieval Village of Eze.

Our optimistic goal of leaving at 12 was, for us, optimistic as that would have entailed getting up, getting ready and going out. We seem to dick about for an hour, get annoyed we haven’t left and then make our move, hence the hour delay!

We got the bus down to Eze and found ourself at the foot of Nietzsche path, which may sound like some form of concentration camp and ironically was torture on the old legs. *Hoping this reference doesn’t cause offence.* Rach had died from her four days of hard work and was extremely tired so our “interval” running training cascaded to me running ahead and recording a snapchat story, letting Rach past in a humph and then catching back up with her! Is winding up your mr/mrs fundamental to a successful relationship? I certainly think so! The views were spectacular and there was a great sense of achievement knowing we were the only ones hiking up at the time we were going up.

We amassed the mountain and although it wasn’t our toughest hike we’ve done, I was still leaking like I’d spawned a mini Niagara falls out my skin. We were greeted by another remarkable view and the 5* Château de la Chèvre d’Or gardens. If you fancy putting us up for a night lads, we wouldn’t say no.

Wandering around the city was literally like taking a step back in time, a much simpler time, where everyone was there to sell you fine art at extortionate prices. The thin cobbled streets weren’t overly crowded, there was a refreshing ambience smearing the medieval brick that conquered the city and the inhabitants were extremely welcoming. Big shout out to the guy that makes everything out of Olive Tree, big fan of your work!

We reached the peak of the city and after being advised to walk around the exotic gardens by an extremely friendly American, who even offered to buy our ticket, we weren’t left disappointed! An absolutely stunning viewpoint for a fantastic panoramic of the Côte d’Azur which the Chinese girl who took our photo somehow managed to not capture! In her defence, she was going for the aerial shot and she was only just edging into the five foot territory, top marks for effort. We relaxed on the deckchairs for a brief period of time and I managed to get in some core work with my handstands. We finished the tour of Eze with a trip to the Church which with a bit of restoration work could be an absolute beaut before heading to the bus stop to get back for date night.

We asked tourist info where the bus stop was which gave me a great opportunity to practise my French and although I pretended I understood everything she said (I got the gist of it), I was lucky I saw it from a distance as I would’ve had a very moody Mrs otherwise! Nevertheless, the bus timetable decided to shit on us anyway by not providing its service for another hour and fifteen minutes, which left us hiking back down to the main road and catching the more regular 100 bus. More regular it may be, more likely it is to shit on you when it has a full bus! A tired pig had already emerged from the shadows and this wasn’t doing anything to assist her mood. We managed to get on the next bus and be on our way home, where ice cream awaited.

Now, I haven’t claimed to have tasted all the ice cream in Nice.. HOWEVER, Gelato Azzurro is the only one I need to try. The staff are good crack, the selection is wicked and the taste is god damn sexilicious. Having recently discovered I’m not allergic to hazelnuts, I went for Bananatella and Lemon Tart, whereas Rachael got Bananatella with Creme Brulee. Two solid ice creams, two busting waist lines!

We got ready for our evening meal which I think I will do a separate review entirely as I think it deserves it but we went to the Frog Restaurant near the Opera House. I’ll leave some pictures up but this place is the dogs bollocks, along with the frogs legs, escargots and meat dishes!

Château de la Chèvre d'OrI’m sure Rachael could be a model!
Château de la Chèvre d'Or

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