Home and back with Pig

It’s been a week since Rachael took the plunge to move to the French Riviera and hopefully she’s enjoying the decision at the minute.

I flew home last week to watch Rachael graduate with a first class degree in Psychology, so now more than ever I’m having to carefully evaluate every word I say around her! It brought reminiscent thoughts back from when I graduated in the same hall. There was the standard “be funny introduction speech,” the awkward handshake with the dean and the couple of muppets that try and do something funny for snapchat or something. That most certainly was wasn’t me 2 years ago. We indulged on the free cakes and bucks fizz before having a family meal and a boozer in the evening. The week was made even better when I got a day or so to see the rest of the family.

We jetted over to Nice together and this is our first opportunity to live together, not in a backpack. Firstly, John Lennon airport really is a dump, a real negative portrayal of John Lennon the man. Nevertheless, we’ve had a pretty successful week by all accounts. We’ve done all the standard touristy shizzle in and around Nice, visited Monaco and stumbled across a great rooftop lounger at Nikki Beach and Rachael even bagged herself a job within the first 3 days. Bearing in mind this adventure is to save money for a much bigger adventure, this was a major positive from the week. The only thing missing is having a bloody ice cream but sometimes we are both too body conscious to indulge on certain delights. Rach has taken to the lack of gym well and is a stronger swimmer than I, much to my dismay. I’ll be Michael Phelpsing her by the end of summer.

Living together has been, what I think anyway, a breeze. Those feminine touches that women like to do to the home have gone down a treat. Having a consistently organised and clean flat is satisfying. Wasting our time being all gay and mushy is, well, gay and mushy… but we like it. It’s nice to do the majority of things together, exercise, cooking and eating, travelling, all about releasing those endorphins! Home workouts are a lot more fun with a partner cause there’s certainly no bitching out. All core and handstand work is coming on strong too which I’m happy about. Home cooking is becoming more plant based with a particular favourite being adopted now of chickpea flour instead of eggs for my morning protein fix, tastes good and is less detrimental to our darling poultry brothers. Another myth has also been quashed this week, as I found out I’m not allergic to hazelnuts! I am gorging all over those badboys at the minute, also finding myself feasting on everything Nutella. Healthy fats, right?

We have our first day off tomorrow and are taking a trip to the medieval village, Eze. It wouldn’t be a Rach and Oz adventure without making it a mission, so we’re hill running from the beach. If we survive, there’ll be an update in the next few days! If not, thanks for reading aaaand GOODNIGHT.


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