Quick Tribute – Nice and beyond

I wanted my next blog post to be filled with humour and positivity, yet that seems so redundant after last nights events unfolded.

If I wasn’t working, I would’ve been sharing the Bastille day celebrations on the promenade and a stronger percentage I would’ve been closer involved to it than telling people in the bar that there’s a slight disturbance.

The aftermath is what you’d expect, news crews and cameras haunting the promenade with a distinctly quiet aura surrounding a bustling tourism trap.

Although it won’t mean much to those that who have lost loved ones, or worse, their lives, we should all spend a moment today to think about those we have lost in France, Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world over a self generated war which never needed to happen in the first place.

Life’s short, embrace it and do everything you want to achieve because you never know when it can be catastrophically cut short.


2 thoughts on “Quick Tribute – Nice and beyond

    1. My pleasure. I’ve been hearing perspectives from people along the promenade and it really was a much more chilling experience than we originally thought.


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