Good Feelings

The last week or so has been awesome for me. Apart from the occasional hours I’m pulling my hair out because I’m not doing something (I’m like a hyperactive child buzzing off blue smarties), it’s been a really pleasant few days. Faith has been restored in the human race as it was so painfully taken away from me from the epidemic that was Brexit and then the shambolic, torturous England Euro 2016 campaign.

Simply put, the friends I’ve made in Nice are wicked and appear to show an abundance of patience, care and generosity from people I’ve known for years. These guys know my appetite for adventure already and take me to places I wouldn’t be that bothered going on my own. They are happy to take me for dinner as they know I’m new here and don’t know where to go. These are the type of people you need to be around.

I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing people I haven’t seen in years and had the chance to catch up over breakfast or a bev. Looking forward to more and more people visiting me over the next couple of months, or nobody at all, it’s up to them really.

I’m always ill because of work but I still get out there and get my exercise and errands done. My knee isn’t 100% either so I’ve used the thing between my ears and decided to go for morning swims in the turquoise, endless blue water first thing instead of running through the parades on the promenade.

Next week also returns me to the deserted wasteland that is now England, or so it would appear if social media were to be believed. I hope I can make it out alive! At the end of that week, it means the darling pig will be out here and I will have the person I want to share the adventures most with here!

All this makes me a happy puppy.


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