Just putting fingers to keys

A lot of the time I want to blog everyday, yet have no real purpose or direction in what I want to write. Either someone, somewhere has done it or I think what I’ve been up to might not be of great interest. So I’m gonna just put my fingers on my keys (no innuendo here) and see what happens. Is it going to be Brexit? The Euro’s? My travels? All seriously hot topics.

I don’t want to delve too much into Brexit as I think the whole debate is outrageously manipulated by our propaganda media. As a friend pointed out recently, cast your mind back up over the last couple of years and when was the UK leaving the EU ever an issue? Yet here we are in 2016 tearing each other apart to the point that my local MP was murdered. What a shame a civilised society is yet to be a worthy denominator of life in 2016. Moving on…

THE EURO’s! Definitely one of the better ones to happen, I’d assume. I write this article shortly after the best fans of the competition but definitely not the best team, Republic of Ireland, have made it through to the last 16. Living in Nice, I’ve been able to soak up the football atmosphere and be a part of it, mainly serving the enthusiastic buggers. Two of the great chants of our generation surely have come out of it though..
“Don’t take me home, please don’t take me home, I just don’t want to go work..
 I wanna stay here, drink all your beer, please oh please don’t take me home”

And of course, the unforgettable, the mythical, the irrepressible..
“Your defence is terrified, Will Grigg’s on fire”

The never ending chorus of chants that now lull’s me to sleep is going to be sorely missed when this great sporting event is over. It must be said that there has been minimal trouble where I’ve been and supporters, on the whole, have acted amicably.

Now Nice has always been a special place for myself, the start of a great inter-railing trip filled with unbelievable memories but now it’s starting to feel like a home. I say this partially because I’m settled and partially because I’ve been roped into getting a bank account… I wonder if wanker bankers are universal! Of course the final piece of the puzzle will be filled on the 9th July when Rachael comes so let’s hope she loves it as much as me. I’ve been embracing the beautiful coastal riviera recently, exploring more than just Nice. My ventures have led me to Antibes, Cap Ferrat, Beaulieu, Cap D’ail, Cannes and Monaco so far, with trips planned to Verdon national park and across the border into Ventimiglia very soon.

My gym shut down recently, non refundable of course which sucks. Fitness is so imperative to my way of life but yet I’m still finding myself getting into better and better shape. My time away from work is spent doing an array of watersports (kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, paddle boarding, diving), running and core body weight exercise. My diet, apart from the excruciatingly liver damaging amounts of alcohol I sometimes consume at work is spot on and my vegetarian, save the world inspiring  girlfriend is slowly dwindling me away from meat, although I doubt I can give up fish too.

Work is tiring and long hours but working in a bar can be cool and really fun sometimes. If you’re up for it, everyone’s your best friend and the flailing arms turn into warm embraces singing along to one of the great bands we have on weekly at Wayne’s Bar.. HOWEVER, if you’re not up for it, tired or just generally CBA (long time since I used this acronym!), those flailing arms turn into “What the fudge are you playing at” “Calm down mate.” Make sure to catch me on a good day basically 😉

Below are a selection of pictures of what I’ve been up to recently. It’s a shame that videos can’t be uploaded straight to here as I’ve got a tonne of really cool footage. Maybe an upcoming GoPro video could be on the horizon.



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