Monaco Grand Prix – If you don’t try, you don’t get!

Sunday was a GOOD day. Not buying a ticket and ending up on a balcony just above the starting grid was just magnificent! Of course, this is in relation to the Grand Prix. Curiously peering under the fence or trying to record over it was the best I could do to begin with!

It didn’t start too great. The bloody French public transport system decide to strike at an inopportune week, leaving what seemed to be the whole of the Cote D’Azur in disarray. A thirty minute journey turned into a two hour train-hop and I eventually arrived in Monaco ten minutes into the race, when I was meant to be there forty five minutes before. Not only that, my phone had decided to commit suicide and I was tentatively toying with 3% battery, knowing I had to balance contacting my friends and saving battery for pictures. I got neither!

Then there was Bricklayer Lenny, or Lenny for short. After initially believing that bricklayer Lenny was going to try and help me into his seats (a random I met at work) and constantly communicating with one another to meet up so he could “sneak me in,” a bizarre coincidence occurred. He didn’t answer his phone! Shocker.. And that used the last of my juice, so to speak. My friend from work was trying to meet up too but I had no way of finding out where he was, so I was aimlessly wandering around Tribunes L, a meeting point we had earlier stated. To be fair, there are worse places to be strolling care free.

After thirty minutes, we fortunately bumped into each other and after much deliberation, we decided to just knock on doorbells and see what happens. After going up one block of flats and everyone turning us away, one woman allowed us entrance to her apartment for a nominal fee, which we contemplated not paying for a while, being the cheapskates that we were! Stepping inside and being able to see what caused the monstrous roar from a location that people probably would pay thousands for was spectacular and an unforgettable experience. We even got complimentary champagne after the race!┬áThe downer then sunk in that I had to get back to work but the day was so good I couldn’t care less!

Moral of the story: When there’s nothing to lose, go for it, irrespective of how small it may be. You never know what good may come of it!



*Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures because two of our phones had 0 battery and the other phone was something from prehistoric times. All fashion was aimed at fitting in in Monaco!


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