Pastures New – Nice Times

Been a bloody while since I sat down and scribbled what’s going on in Oz world. The ski season finished, I did what I set out to do before I went and learn how to backflip and either threw in a few barrel roles for good measure. The local population were apparently saying that “they could see me rollin’.” I moved away from the generic British language learning of valuing swear words above all else and learnt a measure of Italian before heading down to Nice for a mini holiday with me fratello. Putting that Italiano into good use you see.

On this mini break, I had a trial shift at arguably the main bar there. Due to my adoration for Nice, the opportunity to work here was something I couldn’t refuse, much to my girlfriends dismay. I am extremely lucky and grateful to have someone so understanding and awesome as Rachy Roo. No, she didn’t make me write that!!

Anyway, after a quick two week turnaround at home, I got on my Jet2 flight which had impeccably generous legroom (they should pay me for such outstanding advertisement!) and touched down on the Riviera. The first week or so was arguably the most stressful as my youthful twenty three years, which has since turned twenty four. Bon Anniversaire pour moi, oui! You know how they say moving is the most stressful thing you can do? Well imagine that in a country where you can only just manage to jumble a sentence a 4 year old would be proud of and you can imagine the intensity of finding somewhere to live was. This bumbled down to hotel and hostel hopping until I got taken in by a friend’s friend for a few days, ultimately leading me to my studio apartment I’m renting in the Old Town, a two minute walk from where I work.

After finally being able to unpack my suitcase after ten days, I was able to adjust to living in Nice. This involved starting a gym membership, finding the best supermarket, recuperating the knee injury I sustained in my first few days, getting accustomed with everyone at work and work itself. Being an active person, waking up at lunchtime and only getting a few hours of the day is a real bummer but now I’m settled, it’s a case of utilising my time wisely, instead of watching How I Met Your Mother religiously. Although on a side note I’m really happy for Ted and Robin.

So far I’ve explored the city, spent my birthday at Cannes Film Festival, spent time on the beach and generally just wandered around. Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the Grand Prix which will be incredible, followed by the Euros next month. Unfortunately I’ve not met the Russian billionaire that will let me on their yacht to watch it. All in all, it should be an exciting summer.

I’m hoping to be able to learn French whilst I’m out here and the simple of things of being able to have a literate conversation with a fishmonger was a real accomplishment. Explore the Riviera, sample some of the fine foods and reinvest my time into activities such as fitness, scuba diving and skateboarding are my priority.

2 thoughts on “Pastures New – Nice Times

  1. Nice looks incroyable. I made it to Marseille (so much history) but not much farther on the Riviera. I can bumble along in French. In Italian I’m able to state definitively that I am not a piece of fruit. Thank you for the like.


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