One month in..

So here we are, a month further down the line from the beginning of the season where it all began. What’s changed I hear you cry? Well I’m not falling on my arse on every turn on a snowboard which is a start!

Claviere is really starting to turn into a little home. The quaint resort isn’t the ski shag hub you’d expect from a ski season but a cosy, friendly Italian hotspot for really, REALLY, fun skiing. The major benefit of it is as well is it’s outrageously quiet and often the mountain is ours. As I write this as well, the excitement of the majority of our runs opening tomorrow is upon us. January 16th and we will have more than 2 runs! Booyakasha. Have to admit, it’s slightly embarrassing being ridiculously chuffed with landing some air then the next set of boarders to do the same jump crank out a corkscrew but c’est la vie, I have nicer boots. Did finally land a couple of 180’s in the last couple of days and even got some grabs in too. A casual beerio on the slopes, or in Jim and Hannah’s case, sloe vodka on the chairlift certainly assists the bottle.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been appointed deputy rep, which adds that added responsibility of befriending the children. Amazing to think the private school kids were ruder and more trouble than the kids from the largest council estate in Europe, who I’m going to miss dearly. Never judge a book by its cover is a sentiment that endears to this situation greatly. Hosting bingo was this last weeks highlight and surprisingly I am a natural bingo caller. Best of all the kids got involved and had a great laugh doing it. Maybe not as much of a laugh as me as I had my special tonic juice to make me all happy…

The food is still great and I haven’t turned into the truck I was expecting after demolishing 3 or 4 plates for every meal. Lemon carbonara and arancini(?) are still the highlights but even the occasional taste of home in a fishy finger type dish really moistens the pallet. That isn’t a euphemism before you inquire, just genuine Captain Birdseye stuff.

So as I sign off this long overdue post, about to crossdress for an 80’s themed evening in the Gallo (seriously, a new bar in this place wouldn’t go amiss!), I recommend all visiting this blog to take a trip to Claviere if there’s a chance for you.


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