New Year in Clav Vegas

Have to say, although a small skiing resort, Claviere knew how to dominate New Year’s. Ok, maybe a slight bit of hyperbole but Kris & I had an awesome time. A trip to the infamous Claviere Square to count in the year was the start of the night and it’s safe to say Italian’s have a God awful music sense. 12 o’clock had a background beat of Italian dubstep so we moved on to the hotspot of Claviere, The Galo. Our resident DJ, Jim the photographer, ripped up the decks with his poorly timed mixes but the DJ was assisted with the complimentary panatone, which always goes down a treat. Clubs in England could learn a thing or two by this little gem. The resort had been fairly quiet up until this point but it really became quite packed, with holiday makers smashing the fancy dress. The winner had to go to the girl wearing a Barney the Dinosaur costume, unbelievable scenes. We departed to Club Roma, the underground scene at our hotel that the chef has built and it replicated a hipster drug scene. All in all, a successful evening and hopefully a sign of things to come!

(The lack of photos is clearly a symbolisation of the great night I had)



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