Board or Ski? The Jury’s Out…

As I painfully sit down to write this post, I think it’s overdue to underline the sheer severity of pain you undertake falling on ice as a snowboarder. It bloody kills! Having now had the opportunity to board and to ski, I can safely say that skiing is the pussy option and boarding is the swaggier option, although there are perks and benefits to both (spoken like a true boarder).

Boarding is predominantly a major challenge. Montgenevre and Claviere are hardly buzzing skiing metropolis’s currently and having to contest with ice consistently is daunting. With minimal experience, throwing yourself straight down reds and blacks is slightly idiotic yet enormously exciting. Having a sub-standard board with chopped edges makes the task significantly harder but I believe this is definitely refining my technique. I’ve now managed to start carving and can swing my way down a black without falling, which is a MASSIVE achievement. Once the snow finally dumps, which may be mid 2017 at this rate, I’m looking forward to hitting some jumps and turning pro….

Skiing on the other hand is something I’ve had less experience with and the massive difference and swing in skiing’s favour is SPEED. Bloody hell I feel like a rocket when I tuck in and head down a 45 degree slope. Again, the ice really doesn’t bode well for rented ski’s but the terrain is certainly good enough to embrace the parallel’s and get those knees and booty out. I hate to admit it but when going up a chairlift, there are fewer things that are more attractive than a pacey skier flying down the mountain with their knees tight knit. Shame my legs are more open than a bankrupt prostitute at the minute.

Hard to judge which I prefer at the minute but ever reliant on my skateboarding past, I am inclined to favour snowboarding.. Or at least until it puts me into a body bag (which also looks like great fun)!



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