Retiring from the 9-5(:30)

At the beginning of this blog expedition, I was set with a choice of sticking with the 9-5:30 grind or venturing off to do a ski season. The ski season was never in doubt but I’m surprised at how much I considered packing it in to stick with my current employers. If anyone is interested in a great company and career, I presume you may find that at (FFDC). Unfortunately, I’m most certainly not ready for that venture of my life and can happily announce I’m moving to Claviere on the 7th December! Couldn’t be more excited, especially after getting the majority of my gear now.

SSX Tricky Mode: Beginner

I’m going to hopefully in the run up to the trip be broadcasting my preparations and then giving useful hints and tips for people who want to do a ski season once out there.

This will be a great experience and one which will hopefully be the first of a few, broadening my horizons and fine tuning my French (even if I’m in Italy…). Je suis très heureux pour ma saison de ski. 

On a side note; be careful on where you place your salopettes label.


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