Bye-Bye Beijing

Our last day in the Capital was what we were more accustomed to from Asia.. Friendly people, culture & the exploitation of Westerner’s purses. We had a hotel breakfast and we should’ve been prepared for the quality of the food after enjoying the quality of the room.. Pretty sub-standard to say the least!

We headed out to the Temple of Heaven and on our way we stumbled across a Chinese tradition. This was the old “I’m going to let my child shit in the middle of the street” tradition. The pants with the hole in was a subtle, yet needed touch.

Heavenly Temple, Hellish Weather
Heavenly Temple, Hellish Weather

The grounds themselves were similar to China. A lot of space covered by swarms of local tourists. There was also the admission fee that accompanied every bit of culture in the park. After getting some snaps, we continued walking and were hurried over by some locals to join in with accordion and sing-song time. I took this opportunity to go full throttle and let my vocal cords loose, a sound not too dissimilar from Sam Smith. I’ll share this with you all when the time is right…. Rachael was a handy accordion player too! Not only did we have a sing-song, we also got to bust some moves with the variety of Chinese dancing that was on show. I’m an all rounder you see, I’ve got moves to back up my groove…!

photo 2

We said our goodbyes to our pals and ventured off to the Olympic Park. In comparison to other Olympic areas I’ve been to, I’d say China’s has a lot more.. concrete. Whereas Munich’s is covered in luscious green and water, China’s is a commercial and office metropolis that lingers over Beijing. The Bird’s Nest however was a magnificent piece of architecture and was prepping for the World Championships that were recently hosted. We wandered the grounds (we seem to wander a lot…) and saw Oscar Pistorius’ name brandished on the medals list, who I’ve infamously high five’d. Yes, that’s right.. I’ve touched a murderer! Claim to fame

photo 5photo 3

Shame on you Oscar!
Shame on you Oscar!

Our final adventure of the day was trying to find Hou Hui (?!) Park. The lack of English from the locals was becoming a problem and we were lost for a period of time before somehow stumbling across the Koh San Road of Beijing, by a lake! A really pleasant, vibrant area where people seemed to let their hair down which seems to be a rarity here! Unfortunately, we were both shattered by this point and couldn’t enjoy it for what it was, even if we did have a rooftop cocktail.

So we headed off home. Being the gentleman I am, I let Rach get some sleep and I headed to 7/11 to get breakfast for our early bullet train and to indulge in banana bread goodness. And this is where I lost my shit. CHINA’S 7/11 DOES NOT HAVE BANANA BREAD. The highlight of my summer before and there was no sign of it anywhere. I had lost all faith in China!



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