Weak Working Week

My life may not be as glamorous as my counterpart on the Italian side of the interweb but I thought I’d share what’s been going on regardless. He’s a model, I’m a role model. Tomato, tomato…

The last week has been rather full on as per. As a promise mainly to my girlfriend, amongst others, including the other half of this glorious page, I’d decided to cut back on all the activities I do and have more “me” time. I should’ve definitely started this sooner as my own company is awesome…! This hiatus has been great and I feel fresher, fitter and happier than I have done for a while.

Last weekend I went to Newcastle to visit the Mrs. We’re both a bit skint at the minute and saving for another adventure so we exploited the Toon’s free stuff to do. One thing I most certainly don’t understand is modern art. I could clean my nose and discuss how it is a deep psychological analysis of the 21st century and I’d be classed a genius!

Newcastle looking lovely last weekend
Newcastle looking lovely last weekend

One thing we did do was watch Cowspiracy, something I would urge all to consider. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive meat lover but the effects of animal agriculture is overwhelming and charities globally appear very dismissive of its negligible effects. I’ve already decided to have a vegetarian month in November as unfortunately puberty didn’t grant me facial hair for Movember…

The working week has been administrative and repetitive. There’s something truly exhilarating about looking at spreadsheets all day. I guess these are the perks of being the newbie, all the bitch work nobody else wants to do. I’ve been listening to the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferries all week and have bought into the philosophy of working under your own admission in an environment that suits me. Although this may not be achievable, I am working tirelessly to piece together a youtube project and to start getting this blog into action!

Fitness has been great to me through the week. Shorter, intense sessions in the gym are getting the most out of the limited free time I have and runs at work are getting easier and quicker. Acting class was good and although I’m not bordering Leonardo DiCaprio’s ability anytime soon, I think my ability is improving all the time. We worked on comedy this week and that’s definitely my niche. The film I most recently worked on is going to be broadcasted on Latest TV in the next couple of weeks.

Getting into it
Getting into it

Other than that I have been relaxing and spending some quality time with Skype and the Mrs. It is fortunate that we live in an age where we can communicate so easily when we’re so far apart, although we struggle to think of things to talk about because of SMS and Skype. Constant communication can be detrimental to a long distance relationship in my opinion and although I wouldn’t change the fabrics of my relationship, there can be a strong breakdown of things to talk about.

On that note, as a long distance couple we see each other only on weekends. As we all know, the weekend isn’t long enough at all! When you see each other for two days though, you want to make everything special and shower them with affection. I’d love to take Rach out each weekend and do something remarkable that’ll blow her (and my bank account) away but it isn’t feasible. Instead, find something you both enjoy and exploit it whilst it’s fresh and makes you both happy. Currently, we’re climbing the shit out of some rocks! It’s an unbelievable form of fitness, it’s fun and unique, although the tendons in my arms certainly don’t agree!

Excuse the hair...
Excuse the hair…

Another week draws to a close and gets me ever closer to the winter season, for which I’m really excited to tell everyone about. Have a great week everyone, have fun and always be yourself!

photo (1)photo copy

P.S – Does anyone know how to upload video to these?


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