OO: D Day

Yes, that’s right.. D Day…. Domino’s day at work! Hu hoh, I am crafty with my play on historical events… Yes, the NFL draft brought dough based glory to our office and what can be more symbolic of Americanism than people stuffing their faces with greasy pizza whilst the minority went out and exercised? OK, a slightly unfair stereotype and probably a bit of envy as I went out for a run whilst the vast majority of the Dom’s were demolished.

Personal bests! 6 minute mile target
Personal bests! 6 minute mile target

Short, sharp runs is my cardio at the minute along with football and tennis. Even got a sexy little shiner from this weekends game (.. you should’ve seen the other guy, completely unscathed).

Been working on my hairstyle a lot recently......
Been working on my hairstyle a lot recently……

My new job is awesome it has to be said AND this is coming from somebody who wants to be who will make money independently doing what they enjoy, yet I am so unsatisfied with it. A first week of the generic introductions, tedious on-boarding Long arse commutes are the major drawback. They make my working day extend by another two and a half hours and make me further crave to wander our planet and seeing what it has to offer.

One powerful video I’ve watched recently is below and it truly exemplifies my feelings at this current period in my life. I urge anyone to give it a watch and slowly get the wheels into motion. What makes you itch? For me, it’s travelling, acting and pepper under the nose. We can all contribute in one way or another to impact even as little as a handful of peoples/animals lives. This is really sticking with me and making me more determined to hit my own targets.

Other than that, there hasn’t been much of an exciting week. My girlfriend has gone back to uni and I’ve got to handle the trials and tribulations of the long distance relationship. It’s not for some people but when you’ve got someone you click with, you make it work.  …… Brownie points in the bag.

I did get my haircut too and thought I’d apply a fitting picture of it being excessively long in a man bun with me doing my best super duper sumo impression. You can tell there’s just one of us here that’s a model!



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