OO! A day in the life.

6:48 arrives far too quickly for my liking. A bizarre time to set an alarm you might believe but it’s that fine line of being earlier than 7:00 to do anything fitness related and absolutely nowhere near 6/6:30. I’d like to say this gives me a psychological advantage in my battle against the repetitive Apple alarm that never seems to go away.. but it doesn’t! Instead, I reacquaint myself with the good ol’ snooze button on a regular basis. Alas, I get up, drown myself in white tea, water and vitamins and go and have a morning sprint. Fitness is hugely important to me and is arguably the thickest string in my bow (no innuendo intended…). I rush through a quick wash and beautify myself for the day and then slow everything down to give breakfast the TLC it deserves. Cooking is fun and something I meticulously prepare, with meals done 2 days in advance, excluding din-dins and breakfast. Not only does this save time to do important stuff… I want there to be a second half to this sentence but it actually seems that this is the only benefit! My breakfast currently looks a little like this:


Excuse the presentation, it’s going in my belly so I thought it to be irrelevant. A protein style pancake laced with blackberries, cinnamon, seeds, greek yoghurt and a smidgen of honey, accompanied by a sumptuous grapefruit to boost my testosterone levels and make me feel like A MAN!!

Now normally I’d be in the procedure of getting ready to work, driving up the Great British motorway to get into the same ritual I do every day… Pretend to work whilst secretly browsing the same websites I do all day, everyday in a means to let life pass me by. This week though is significant. Not only did I quit my job, I’ve finally started to set myself realistic and attainable targets to go out and enjoy the things I do. Hypocritically, I have got another 9-5 (it’s meant to be 9-5:30 but I leave early cause I’m a badass) but in the week prior to starting this, I’ve got two ski season interviews and I’ve started to make headway with my acting ambition.. Oh and I set up this linguistic masterpiece (?!). Now, as this blog has amassed a whopping.. ZERO followers so far, I feel pretty safe in broadcasting this to the entire web world but on the off chance the first few followers are from my new employment, I apologise in advance.

Another goal of mine is to learn another language. I’ve got English and Yorkshire pretty much nailed now but for some reason I’m delving into the French language. Parlez-vous le Français? No… That trip to Nice back in 2013 on a Euro excursion made me have a life ambition to one day reside in a villa on the Cote D’Azur and will be covered by one blog post in the not too distant future. So I’ve ticked off my thirty minutes of Rosetta Stone which was passed to me for an overwhelming £5 in Shanghai and now I have the rest of the day to fill.

Another form of exercise will be a necessity, usually you’ll find me residing in a DW gym, getting frustrated by the lads lads lads who spend more time posing in a mirror than truly working and testing their body. That Methandrostenolone (or DBol as the street terms go) is really paying off and you look awesome man! Watch out for titties though. I’m no fashion expert but huge biceps, chiselling abs and a sports bra on a bloke is hardly a Gok Wan special…After I’ve finished, I usually sit and have a conversation with a few people, either being the incomparably witty guy that I am, getting pointers from more experienced athletes or passing my knowledge on to people who may be slightly inexperienced. Boom, another thing ticked off! Even now, writing this out, it starts to hit me. Is monotony really a part of my life? That’s why, from here on in there will be a weekly goal and challenge I will set myself and it will be covered and discussed on here for all to bear fruit! Some might be ridiculous, some might be considered easy but giving myself realistic and achievable goals is a key motivator for progress.

So for now, I’m signing off and I’m pleasantly satisfied with creating this blog. It will become more intersting, I think and hopefully as a pair, my friend and I will be able to educate, inform and motivate others to achieve what they can, not what they are told they can!

Au Revoir (goodbye in French for you non-linguists..!)


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