So it begins….

24, Leeds, Male. Interesting, huh?

I’ve been on and off travelling since I graduated university in 2014 and have had the pleasure of working abroad in both Italy and France. Instantly, from getting a desk job, I knew that that wasn’t my cup of tea (notice the Northernness?) In 2017, I will be moving to Canada with my girlfriend and travel partner, where we will work, travel, work, travel, snowboard, travel but not necessarily in that order. Then… Who knows?!

Too often we get treated to unbelievable snaps from thousands of others but the story behind the snap is usually such an engaging event. This blog is predominantly a story of what we get up to, with useful tips along the way. Enjoy reading the misdemeanours we get into, the awesome places we go and the great people we meet.



As you may have gathered, we are two guys with one cup. OK, that’s a lie and will be our only one on this blogging sensation! We’re privileged enough to have a cup each…

Seriously though, that’s enough about us.. We literally have no idea what this blog will be about, call it a mish-mash of musings if you will (say that fast!). Sometimes educational, sometimes amusing but always two guys. We want this to be thought-provoking without provoking too much thought!



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